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Stream Shift TV:
Ayman Sadiq was telling his friend Shamir Montazid that he was so sick of spending monthly over 200 on cable TVs. Shamir told Ayman to buy Roku and get rid of cable TV. Then Ayman became curious to know more about Roku. He came to know that Roku is better than all other brands when it is all about streaming devices.

Before getting started, you must setup Roku device. First, you have to setup Roku account. Fill your first name, last name, email address and password for the sign-up process. After setting this, connect your Roku device to a TV. Then select your language on the Roku TV welcome screen. Then select wireless or Ethernet connection which one you have for your Roku device. Then Roku will set up your display, if all perfect, then link your Roku account. Next, you choose
Stream Shift TV (optional) and others, and Roku will update each channel. You have to wait a few minutes. The waiting is for the first time only.

That’s all, Roku will run smoothly then. If not, restart it. You can watch stream Shift TV and others on Roku. Do you all know about Muhammad Ali? Why am I asking you about this legend? Read till last, you will get the answer.

Muhammad Ali:
Muhammad Ali was an American activist and boxer. He was born in 1942 and died in 2016. He was greatest sporting figures of 20th century. At an earlier time, Muhammad Ali was known as Cassius Clay. He was from a middle-class family. He started his boxing carrier since he was 12 years old only. He is the only boxer to win the World Heavyweight Championship title thrice. In 1960, he drew the attention of all in Rome Olympic. He got Light Heavyweight Medal in Rome Olympic 1960. Then he became very much professional. In 1963, he embraced Islam as his religion and changed his name to Muhammad Ali. But he kept that secret in beginning. In 1964, he became the champion first time in Heavyweight Championship, fighting with Sony Liston. After winning that boxing, he announced that he became a Muslim.

Muhammad was against racism. He thought Vietnam War was immoral. That is why he refused to participate in that war as an American. For this moral position, his World Champion title was snatched. He himself threw his Olympic gold medal in the protest. He was banned from boxing because of not going to war and was in jail for 5 years. Ali, when he was released on bail, got rid of all the trouble in the Supreme Court verdict in 1971. There were legal battles for about two and a half years on this incident. Then Muhammad Ali returned to the boxing ring again and defeated George Foreman to become the World Heavyweight Champion again. Another popular name for the competition in 1974, in the capital of Kinshasa, the capital of present-day Congo was ‘Rumbled in the Jungle’. Many challenged Muhammad Ali and once he was defeated by Leon Spinx. But he defeated him again in the return match. Ali made history by becoming the World Heavyweight Champion thrice. Ali kept holding the title six times. He made a great history with Joe Frazier and George Foreman, were the best matches. He became the Heavyweight champion in 1964, 1974 and 1978. He fought for the last time in 1981. Muhammad Ali retired from boxing at a very mature age. He was attacked by Parkinson's disease. Though the physical condition of him was not good, the great Ali was not far from politics or social debates. He was a great opponent in the ring as well as in protesting. In a statement, he strongly criticized Donald Trump. US President Mr. Trump proposed to ban the entry of Muslims in the United States. Great Ali said in protest, "Those who use Islam in private interests, Muslims will have to stand against them”. In 1999, he earned the respect as the greatest player by spectators’ voting of BBC. Muhammad used to say himself as the greatest. And actually, he was one. He was like a butterfly in the boxing ring and he used to attack as a bee. Muhammad Ali’s one of the best quote: “I hated every minute of training, but I said, 'Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion’”. Actually, he is the inspiration to all. .
Stream Shift TV has a documentary about Muhammad Ali. If you wish, you can watch.

Wave Surfer:
Are you a wave surfer? Ayman and Shamir both are afraid of wave surfing. But when they see the videos of wave surfing videos or documentaries, their mouth remains open. They enjoy very much. Sometimes they think about doing themselves. But they do never. The powerful waves of the vast ocean that leaves no stone unturned to take away everything. But the dreams of many surfers is to be able to face the biggest waves on this planet. So here we will get some tips that will serve to guide us towards this goal.

Sandman (anonym) is a surfing coach. He clarified that he has more experience as a coach than as a surfer of big waves because the maximum size that he surfed so far was 4 meters. We say we know understand science, so 1 meter in surfing means something different in each geographical area. Besides that, in some places, they are measured in feet. In the world of professional surfers "Big waves" means that they must be at least 6 meters tall; but for Sandman, and for anyone who wants to move forward in this interesting path, a big wave is that one which involves a challenge, and takes us to an unknown place where we have never been before, i.e. beyond our own limits.

As it is being said that surfing is, in general terms a fairly safe sport in which injuries and accidents do not occur every day. But you also have to know that big wave surfing is, of course, something different. Riding a wave of 6 to 8 meters is a huge challenging. The speed on the descending can be up to 80 kilometers per hour, and in addition to this is listening to the rumble of the big wave that bursts in your back and chases you at high speed. A romp can leave you underwater in the middle of violent turbulence within seconds. The training, the perception and the way of being in the water with big waves is really different.

Ten tips for surfing safely:
1. Are you prepared for these conditions?
To get in with big waves you must be very prepared physically, psychologically and well trained in small waves. It seems logical, but it is necessary to have it clear since life is really going for it. You must overcome fears calmly and with common sense. When you arrive at the spot, take a time of not less than 20 minutes to analyze the situation of the sea, so that once in the water the series of waves do not surprise you. If you see that the waves are too big and you get scared, do not try it, because the experience could be traumatic and very demotivating for later opportunities. In this case, you can better stay in the arena watching the experts surf, and once you know the spot well and have a good base with small waves, you can start to risk when intermediate waves appear and go, little by little, catching strength and experience. It is a path to travel, not a sudden discovery. We must consider going to the water only when we have imagined the worst situation and we have seen ourselves qualified to overcome it.

2. Exercise a lot of breathing.
Repeat, a lot!!!! The roll in a big wave can have you underwater for a long time and both the impact against the water and the turbulence of the foam can reduce the volume of air contained in the lungs even in a 75% Yoga and apnea training can help you a lot, both increase lung capacity, oxygen absorption and gas exchange, and be more relaxed and decrease metabolic reactions resulting from increased Carbon-di-oxide concentration and lack of oxygen. We must be prepared to endure 3-4 minutes in an underwater pool so we can understand it, with all its turbulence.

3. Follow a specific training program to surf big waves.
It is important to exercise adequately to our personal capacity and specifically for our objectives. Training serves to try to do things better and better, to develop the necessary capacities to achieve our goal.

4. Talk to people and know well, what you will face.
It is good to know the environment in which we operate and completely essential in the case of giant waves. Understand the currents, the weather, the stretch of coast where you will be etc. In case of emergency or that the sea ejects us after a meal of it? Numerous waves, we have to be clear how to act to get out of the place, since we may find ourselves in a rocky area, or in a place of great currents in the surroundings. Listening to the advice of veterans who have already faced challenges. Do not throw away their advice, do not lose sight of them while you're in the water and imitate them. When a wave passes and it does not let you see what is coming behind, look at its reactions and imitate them.

5. Use the most current technology and choose the right material for the type of waves.
Nowadays you have all kinds of information about the swell, meteorological information, etc. to get an approximate idea of what you are going to find in a place at a certain moment. This will allow you to measure the risks and accept challenges according to your level of surfing. Over time and after exhaustive research you will be dominating what kind of board is the right pair every moment and place, as well as the invention, suit, helmet, etc.

6. Worse alone than badly accompanied.
Never go alone with big waves. It is important to be accompanied but much better if it is well accompanied. Going to catch those mountains of water with someone means being always attentive to your partner and taking care of each other. So make sure that both you and your adventure partners have enough level of such sea conditions.

7. Take a marine rescue course and CPR.
Your adventure friends and you should know the protocols of action in emergency situations, as well as the basic techniques of maritime rescue and cardio-pulmonary resuscitation. It is easy to learn, but very difficult to remember and apply in times of maximum stress if you have not studied and rehearsed enough.

8. A lot of calm.
No matter what happens, try to keep calm. With stress the cellular consumption of oxygen is triggered, breathing is agitated, muscle tension increases and panic can appear. It's very easy to say do not panic when I'm sitting here quietly on my desk, however, when we face the biggest waves of our life out there it's not that easy. Therefore it is very important to practice relaxation and meditation exercises, perform psycho-emotional training and take care of the ability to be calm through the keys described in the relaxation and recovery strategies section.

9. If you fall, relax and enjoy.
We are more secure than we think. If you fall from the wave do not resist your power trying to swim up just drop, because you will lose energy and oxygen fighting in vain. So better let yourself be swept by the turbulence as mentally relaxed as possible, in a relaxed fetal position to avoid joint injuries from the violent turbulence and protect your head with your arms.

10. Select the right wave for your surfing.
Choosing the correct wave to paddle into will build your odds of getting a wave and reduction dissatisfaction. By being particular and paddling for waves that will be advantageous, a surfer will spare arm quality, keep up their situation in the lineup and guarantee they don't pass up a great opportunity for whatever is left of the waves in the set.

At the point when a surfer moves from riding whitewater waves to getting unbroken waves, there are various sea signals that ought to be perceived to help these surfers reliably get the waves they paddle for.

Right off the bat, they should position themselves in the sea to have the capacity to get waves on the pinnacle, that is, the place the wave at first breaks. This will give them the best chance to get the wave and accomplish the longest ride. What's more, the surfer ought to be out sufficiently far from the shoreline to get the unbroken wave and not get the wave "break on their head".

Furthermore, they should paddle emphatically when situating for and paddling around waves. Again and again, surfers paddle likely and "float" around the break. On the off chance that a wave is drawing closer, paddle with reason to position yourself, or to paddle over the swell, looking for a superior wave that might come behind.

You can watch Stream Shift TV, has a documentary on big wave surfing called the big swell.

Wayman Tisdale:
Wayman Tisdale!!! Another legend. He was an American famous basketball player was born in Texas. His father was Louis Tisdale. Louis Tisdale was a pastor in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He was a senior pastor of Friendship Church. In 1997, Louis died. After that Osage Expressway in Tulsa was given the new name as L.L. Tisdale in Louis’s honor. Wayman’s older brother Weldon became the pastor of that church after that.

Tisdale was not fond of basketball in early age. When his brothers used to play, he used to stay out of it. Tisdale began came on sports when he was in eighth grade. Tisdale met his love Regina in 1981. They were friends and she was not aware of it that Tisdale was a highly recruited player. Tisdale was fond of music too. He used to say that music was his first love.

Wayman graduated from Booker T. Washington High School. It is in Tulsa where he grew up. He was a great college player of University of Oklahoma (1982 to 1985). He had a great record at Oklahoma. Tisdale has an average of 15 points and 6 rebounds in per game. He retired in 1997 from basketball and started focusing on music after that. He recorded 8 albums in total. When he was diagnosed with cancer, his recent album Rebound was released. Tisdale had cancer in his knee and he died on 15th May 2009. See here, Stream Shift TV has a documentary about the life of Wayman Tisdale.

World of Warcraft aka WOW:
Are you fond of playing games? Ayman used to play games whenever he gets time. Shamir told him about a game World of Warcraft. World of Warcraft is a famous game known to its fans as WOW. It is an MMORPG released in 2004. MMORPG sounds complicated. It stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. In this day and age of huge business and business culture, it's anything but difficult to feel like simply one more machine gear-piece in the wheel. That is a piece of the appeal of greatly multiplayer web-based recreations (MMORPGs). In an MMORPG, you can collaborate with different players to bring down awful folks who are significantly more effective to handle without anyone else. You can become famous as a warrior, a healer or a craftsman. Other individuals can depend on you to shield them from peril or even to spare their lives - in the diversion world, you can have any kind of effect. You may even be a saint.

Obviously, there are additionally murdering beasts and taking their stuff. Notwithstanding whether individuals play as a result of a feeling of reason or a want to accumulate immense measures of virtual riches, in a previous couple of years, MMORPG has extremely taken off. There are many MMORPG pages, however, WOW (World of Warcraft) is one of the most popular, biggest and successful among them. It was released by Blizzard in 2006. The game is set in a fantastic world called Azeroth. And players are able to build characters and then play the game as the character. Gaining abilities, fighting enemies and completing quiz include this game. When I’m showing you the word game, again and again, you probably thinking about a video game or something like that. What is the permanent purpose of playing these games? Fun? Escapism? Kill time? No!!!! None of this. The permanent reason behind playing game of people is building relationships. And this is the number one thing WOW is famous for. See here, Stream Shift TV has a documentary about World of Warcraft.

Shock N Awe:
Do you enjoy watching boxing? The boxing show, Shock N Awe was founded during June 2009 with the assistance of Gareth Johnson and Brian Adams. They operated fairly successful gyms and had an active base of fighters in Kickboxing and MMA. They found they were spending most of their time traveling all around the country where the shows were not of a very high value, simply thus one or perhaps two of the members could compete.

It made sense for the two to combine their attributes and create a platform where boxers would actually take pleasure in getting part in a very well run, professional live show, which in change would provide the paying public, worth for money.

The first Shock N Awe events were held at Fareham Hall, Fareham where exactly they quickly sold out after two programs at the 750 capability venue. The pair soon moved to Portsmouth's Liquid and Envy nightclub but once again, right after only a few more events the platform would not have the capacity to hold the paying fans so another move was on the cards.

Meant to be nothing more than a local show, Shock N Awe was gaining recognition from media outlets, coaches, gyms and MMA fans alike and was being touted as the program to be on for anybody aiming for the big shows.

With the term of Shock N Awe spreading, the event's results began to grow out of control, each one got a little bit bigger, and with a higher level of boxers now wanting to compete.

The viewpoint for the show is still the exact same. Create an event that boxers who win or lose will want to come back on time and opportunity arrives and you create an item that customers will desire to pay money to see.

Currently recognized as one of the leading affairs in the UK and have won various awards, Shock N Awe will continue to grow from strength to stamina and will be held on display some of the absolute best talents in the UK and further than. You can watch Shock N Awe on Stream Shift TV.

Extreme Sports:
People love sports. Street luge, Ice climbing, Bungee jumping, Parachuting, Paragliding, Hang gliding, Surfing, Parkour, Mountain biking, Motocross, Skateboarding, Jumping stills, Parasailing, etc. are extreme exports in exciting events with extraordinary people. Wild Spirits is broadcasting for its 17th successive year, continuing to cover the world's most unbelievable extreme sports events. Developing in on interesting and uncommon subcultures in sporting activity, the strange and wonderful are at home alongside experts in the field. Wild Spirits discovers new sporting innovations that enable the world's most extreme people to keep us open-mouthed in wonder. You can watch Wild Spirits on Stream Shift TV.

Blokes World:
Another popular TV show, Blokes world is an Australian TV lifestyle show. In 2003, Blokes world was presented on Channel 31. And it is presently shown on 7mate and Aurora Community TV channel. It is likewise long-running in New Zealand on Triangle TV and Faces TV. Blokes world is what occurs whenever a couple of Aussie blokes from outside the TV market ignore all the rules and create their own show anyway. Ado as well as Camera 3 tour around Australia and the world finding blokes performing the things that blokes do. It's regarding motor racing in all of its types, cars, motorbike, Lorries, firing, fishing, grilling, and having adventures. Most Blokes world episodes are actually a moment in the life of the grass-roots groups we discover around the globe accomplishing the things that blokes enjoy doing.
You can watch Blokes world on Stream Shift TV.

Odell Beckham:
Superstar wide recipient Odell Beckham Jr. was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Carried along with hyper-athletic genes, Odell's father Odell Beckham Sr. was a beginning performing back at LSU, and his mother Heather Van Norman was an All-American record runner at LSU also. Having two great athletes as parents paved the way for Odell to learn directly what it would certainly take to be definitely a successful athlete. He attended high school at Isidore Newman in New Orleans where he excelled in football, basketball, and track. After four years of standout performance, he came to be a U.S. Army All-American. Odell soon followed in his parents' footsteps by going to college at LSU.

At Louisiana State University, Odell Beckham was the best progressive players in the school. In 2013 as a junior, he was given the Paul Hornung Award. Beckham also got first-team All-American honors on that year as a wide receiver as well as return specialist just after leading the SEC and positioning No. 2 in the United States throughout all-purpose yards with an average of 178.1 yards each game. The man completed his collegiate course with 15 goals and 4,118 all-purpose yards, standing him No. 5 in Louisiana State University past history for all-purpose yards. In inclusion, OBJ positions 9th in school record with 143 receptions for 2,340 yards, 7th in the school past history.

Odell Beckham Jr. is certainly not only a symbol of the football sector, he has additionally confirmed to be a figure in the fashion trend globe. Regularly included in GQ Magazine and at the leading of Best-Dressed listings, he is usually seen putting on the warmest designer garments and custom fashioned cleats. He also has a couple of his personal clothing outlines. Many explain his fashion as legendary and unique. Coming from his clothes to his light blonde hairstyle, followers all around the world attempt to mirror every little thing with regards to him. It is not secret that his sophisticated style, unique attitude, as well as fresh dancing moves have well known to numerous television, YouTube, and also sponsorship offers.

Beckham is additionally involved with lots of remarkable charities. Amongst them are institutions supporting chest cancer investigation, veteran outreach, as well as developing children's goals come real with the Make a Wish Foundation. Odell genuinely loves the chance to meet his supporters and was definitely a desirable role model.

2018 NFL Draft:
The 83rd annual meeting of NFL (National Football League) franchises to find out newbies will be held at AT & T Stadium in Texas from 26 to 28 April is known as 2018 NFL Draft. One blockbuster exchange has effectively changed the scene of the 2018 NFL draft, however, it won't be the last one.

The New York Planes have just swung an enormous manage the Indianapolis Colts to climb to the No. 3 general pick, yet there are still quarterback-destitute groups that could be peering toward a bounce up the board to arrive one of the current year's best prospects at the diversion's most imperative position.

Not exclusively does that occur in the most recent 2018 NFL deride draft from MMQB's Albert Breer, however, it begins a chain response that finishes with four quarterbacks falling off the board in the initial four picks.

After Breer sends USC's Sam Darnold to the Cleveland Browns at No. 1 in general, he anticipates the Buffalo Bills to hop up from No. 12 in general to the No. 2 spot, swapping with the New York Giants and finding Wyoming's Josh Allen:

Both Darnold and Allen will probably require some persistence while they create and refine their aptitudes at the following level, while the following two passers off the board in Breer's taunt are the more cleaned of the current year's best prospects at the position. Breer has UCLA's Josh Rosen making a beeline for the New York Jets at No. 3 by and large, trailed by an anticipated exchange that has the Denver Broncos climbing only one spot to secure Oklahoma's, Baker Mayfield.

Despite the fact that he ought to be in the discussion with those four amusements, Louisville's Lamar Jackson doesn't figure out how to split Breer's main 32 projection.

The greatest take in Breer's ridicule incorporate Notre Dame monitor Quenton Nelson (No. 8 in general, Chicago Bears), Florida State security Derwin James (No. 18 generally speaking, Seattle Seahawks) and Boston College pass rusher Harold Landry (No. 21 by and large, Cincinnati Bengals). 

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