What are the methods to promote brand/website in most effective way?

Myself Hussain Abdullah, an SEO expert, and social media marketer. I'm working a couple of years on search engine optimization. Search engine optimization aka SEO is the best you to promote your band or website in the most effective way. In this time, I faced the titled question most. So I thought I should write about it.

There are many ways to promote your band or website. Here are some:

1) The main one is SEO as I mentioned in the 1st paragraph. SEO consists of mainly doing guest posts, being active on social media and creating high-quality long-form content. And also on site keyword optimization, taking competitors backlinks for your site etc.

2) Social Media: One must create all the main social profiles like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus, Pinterest, etc. However, he/she should only focus on one at the start. Otherwise, everything will be a mess.

I had a women client, she was an aged person and does not understand things properly. She tried to go with all social media at once, and found nothing but created a mess.

I prefer Facebook for first because Facebook holds a huge number of active people. And then other social media.

3) Guest Posts (Important part of SEO): One need to find blogs in one's industry and then offer to write them amazing articles in exchange for a link. He/she have to invest on it and hire someone to write the guest post for him/her once or twice monthly. It costs 60/70$ per guest post.

4) Educational site promotion/link building (Part of SEO): You can post your link to .edu site and get quality backlink. You may need to count 10/20$ or more for per link sometimes to get backlinks from this sites. Sometimes it can be found free.

5) Create A Blog: Focus on getting blogs traffic. I see many websites do not have any blog. So they miss the traffic for what others get for different searches on the search engine. Having a blog helps you to rank easily. Cause you can place LSI keywords easily in your blog posts.

6) Facebook Advertisement: Best way to get people who are liking to use your service. Start with a low amount to run a test to see you are your targeted people.

That's all from me. Let me in the comment section know if I missed something.

Thank you.

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