Tips for mistake-free writing

Are you tired of reading blog posts with a lot of Grammatical errors? Have you ever felt that bloggers who are not native has a lot of potentials but do many mistakes while writing their great ideas? Have you already found errors in this paragraph of my writing? By the way, myself Hussain Abdullah, SEO & SMM Expert. I use to write contents while doing my SEO projects. 
Here are 6 quick tips on how I present content in the best possible way:
1)   I always Organize my ideas before I pen them down
Being clear about my thought, I process the flow of content and the chances of making mistakes get less. And my viewers find easy to comprehend & they are more willing to share the content.
2)   I do not make the repetition of Keywords
I always keep in mind that I should never use same keywords in the same content again and again as it does not leave a good impression on readers. 

3)   I analyze my weak points that lead toward making mistakes
When I pick my weak points and do a bit more homework to understand how to overcome them, it helps me a great deal to dominate sophisticated writings. 
4)   I always go for simple & short sentence making
Simple sentences keep me and readers away from getting confused. It minimizes the sophistication of the content. So I try to go for crisp & concise wherever complexity is not required.
5)   Proofreading after writing contents
I have a habit of proofreading after writing. It makes me able to detect my mistakes and increases my knowledge regarding grammar.  
6)   I also use Online Grammar Checker Tool
I always take the help of online grammar check tools. They remove various types of mistakes from my content. These mistakes are minor, but sometimes they change the meaning of the whole sentence so using tools is a must.

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