17 Different Types Of Sadaqah || Mysterious Islam

Sadaqah is not only linked to money. We often think Sadaqah is giving some money to the poor from our earnings. But there are many more ways we can do it. There are 17 types of Sadaqah in Islam other than financial help. They are:

  1. Dua: Pray for the people you care about or any person who asks dua from you. 
  2. Knowledge: Spread knowledge among the people who can't afford or who don't know.
  3. Advice: Give right advice your younger siblings or anyone you care about.
  4. Smile: Meet people and greet nicely with a smiling face.
  5. Help: Help people who are in need of your help.
  6. Time: Take time out for your parents and spouse.
  7. Tarbiyyah: Grow your children well mannered.
  8. Patient: Be very patient in all difficulties and rely on only Allah the almighty.
  9. Remind: Remind your friends to stay on the path of Allah.
  10. Forbid Evil: Stop others from being harmful. 
  11. Talk Softly: Do not be harsh and rude to fellow humans.
  12. Forgive: Forgive the people who ask for forgiveness. 
  13. Give Respect: Give respect to the elders as well as the youngers. 
  14. Be Happy For Others: Be happy for some else' happiness and do not be jealous. 
  15. Visit The Sick: Visiting the sick is also a Sunnah of our beloved prophet Mohammad (S.A.W).
  16. Clear The Path: Remove hurting and harmful things from the road. 
  17. Feed Your Spouse. 

Share this with your friends and beloved ones. This is also a Sadaqah.